If you want a business that runs on rails that allows you to take time away, on holiday, while the business still takes great care of your patients and remains profitable, then today’s episode with Peter Mohr will allow you to understand the code that will allow your business to operate while you’re not there.

Peter Mohr  helps entrepreneurs transform their frustrations into freedoms by using a variety of frameworks that help them cut through the chaos and overwhelm of running a business.

Pete’s refined his tips, tools, and techniques within his own businesses over the past 25 years and loves sharing them so others can live the life they deserve as business leaders.

In this episode we discuss:

  • [3:48] – Defining ‘entrepreneurship’. Why you need a balanced life. Do you have any hobbies or creative pursuits?
  • [7:22] – Breaking through the start-up mode and applying the 5 ‘P’s’. Decisions should be made at the lowest level in your business.
  • [12:27] – Crafting your business ‘promise’ so that everyone understands it.
  • [17:58] – Refining your ‘product’ is important to ensure you can deliver on your ‘promise’. Do you need to refine your ‘product’ offering?
  • [35:15] – We are not only marketing to our customers, but also to our team. Peter and Jesse discuss what a ‘discovery day’ is for new staff members.
  • [38:19] – OK … time to breakdown your accountability chart for your practice. What’s an accountability chart we hear you say … well, listen in, Peter and Jesse explain.
  • [43:01] – So, we’ve covered 4 of the 5 P’s … wanna know what the 5th P is? This element set’s your business up for ultimate success. This P will make your life easier, and it will be a life you love.
  • [48:27] –  When you set your business up and it’s rolling on rails, your business will run when you’re not even there. This is when your business is the most valuable.

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