Scott Harris is a well-known parachutist, veteran, businessman, and motivational speaker. From a young age, Scott had an interest in flying, which led him taking up an interest in skydiving later in life. He was able to fulfill his dreams of flying airplanes and skydiving by joining the army. 

Scott realised that he had a knack for taking a leap of faith. How much he enjoyed embracing and facing challenge and performing at his best.

Scott and Jesse discuss how these principles can be implemented to both our  businesses, and our personal lives.

In this episode we discuss:

  • [06:16] – Scott explains how he went to jail for trespassing after parachuting into Elizabeth Taylor’s last wedding on Michael Jackson’s Neverland Estate.
  • [08:55] – As a skydiver, Scott describes the metaphor he uses to teach and coach people. Taking that leap of faith. That’s how he titled his book; Leap Forward.
  • [15:51] – In today’s modern world, we have so much coming at us all the time, from all kinds of different sources. And it’s very hard to not be distracted. It’s hard to cut yourself off from input. If you’re really trying to do your very best at anything you have to able to focus and apply all your available resources to that challenge.
  • [23:30] – In your business, being able to ‘focus’ is a superpower. Being able to develop and work on the skill of focus will inevitably help in giving us balance and the ability to leverage our time better in our practices. Scott explains what specifically is involved in creating focus, maintaining it, and the outcomes that will happen for you. Mastering focus will change your life.
  • [29:02] – We’ve all been guilty of trying to do to much. As Scott describes, ‘anything worth doing … is worth doing well’. If you can’t commit to the very best of anything you do, then don’t do it. Scott explains the value of living up to your potential.
  • [35:27] – Scott grew up with an Orthodontist father. Scott shares some sage advice on what he’d tell his dad today, knowing what he now knows about life and the dental business. “Pay people what their worth”.

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