Born in South Australia, Sidney Kidman left home aged 13 to work as a sheep drover. Being a man of vision, he formed a small business with his brother in droving and trading cattle and horses.

Sir Sidney went on to become the greatest pastoral landholder in modern history, earning the nickname of “The Cattle King”.

So what can we as dental practice owners learn from Sir Sidney? Well, press play on this episode and listen to Dr Jesse explain.

In this episode we discuss:

  • [01:11] – Who is Sidney Kidman and why can he help us?
  • [3:41] – While he was building his wealth, as each obstacle arose for Sidney, he patiently executed his strategy and remained true to his vision.
  • [4:58] – Where does the value lie in your dental practice?
  • [6:10] – Importantly, we must be able to handle setbacks as they happen. So how do we do that from day to day?
  • [7:19] – Having a ‘revenue generation system’ and a ‘cash flow management system’, are fundamentals in your business. Understanding the difference between cash flow, and revenue is imperative to weather any storm.
  • [10:01] – How do you take your ‘business profits’ and convert that into personal wealth?
  • [11:28] – The number one thing that re-rails our business strategy. Are you being faithful to your business, or are you having an affair?

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