David Meerman Scott, top marketing strategist, entrepreneur, investor, advisor, and best-selling author, joins us this week to help harness the power of fans in your dental practice.
Fans are loyal. Fans tell others about you. Fans are your most effective and efficient form of marketing. They’re also the clients you’ll enjoy working with more than anyone else. A wildly successful practice is full of fans.
Let’s find out how:

In this episode we discuss:

  • [9:45] – The difference between having fans and having people who appreciate you
  • [11:22] – Why human relationships are more important than goods and services
  • [15:12] – Passion – the skateboarding dentist
  • [18:06] – Sharing your passions to create fans
  • [29:40] – How creating an experience creates fans – starting with the appointment

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