In this, our 400th episode, Dr. Jesse Green is joined by John Roca, described as one of the greatest salesmen in Australia. John knows people, and explains how his structure for running a car dealership, can be applied to running a dental practice.

John has advised organisations about the need to encourage a customer centric culture within business and develop strong processes in order to deliver benchmark results.

John believes your dental practice’s success comes from the willingness and culture of your team to anticipate customers’ needs, and deliver a ‘promise’ … as opposed to promising to deliver.

In this episode we discuss:

  • [5:04] – Landing in Australia as a six year old not able to speak English, John explains how his migrant background helped shape his drive, work ethic, and persistence to succeed.
  • [9:56] – If you love serving people, John believes that, with passion, you can build a business.
  • [13:36] – Having a deep appreciation and empathy for people who walk into your dental practice and understanding their dreams, hopes, and aspirations, can be the difference to a successful practice. John explains how a car dealership can be similar to your practice, and what processes you can model or duplicate.
  • [17:01] – Designing every single touch-point for a patient or customer creates their ‘experience’, and so it’s important to have all your team well-trained and aligned to create exceptional service. Create the environment for your ‘guest’.
  • [18:42] – John explains his ‘EVOLUTION process’ which is his 10-steps to land a sale. The edge is, that it is not about delivering the 10-steps in one day! Creating a customer experience over the evolution of the patient, that all your team are on-board to deliver, is essential to the ‘10-step EVOLUTION’ process working successfully.
  • [24:24] – Word of mouth is the best marketing you’ll ever do. If someone has a bad experience, they’ll tell 10 people,  and if they have a good experience, they’ll tell 2. They might not buy today, so be focused on the future sale.
  • [30:03] – So, how do you implement and train all your team to create a 10-step culture so that everyone is aligned and understands the DNA of your business?
  • [33:45] – You get ‘one shot’ at a first impression, so where do you start today if you are liking the concept of developing a 10-step evolution process. John explains his 5-bomb theory.

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