In this episode of The Savvy Dentist podcast, Dr. Jesse Green discusses what is working now in the current market conditions, to fill the white space in your appointment book.

White spaces impact your business revenue, which in turn creates a downturn in your cash flow and profits. So it’s important to identify some of the root causes and Dr. Jesse offers some strategies and tactics for you to help fix this problem should you have it in your practice.

As practice owners it’s important for us to understand why cancellations occur and what the mindset of our patients may have.

Dr. Jesse explains how you can elevate the value of dentistry in the mind of the patient by creating a compelling reason to return.

  • [0:50] – The #1 question practice owners are asking right now
  • [2:11] – What practice owners believe is causing cancellations in their appointment books vs what’s REALLY the root cause
  • [5:15] – Practical steps you can take to reduce cancellations, gaps, and white space in your appointment book
  • [8:17] – How to communicate urgency and importance to build value in the mind of the patient
  • [13:30] – Measuring and optimising your case acceptance so you nip white space in the bud