In this episode we have a really important conversation about cyber safety and staying safe online.

Dr Jesse is joined by Susan McLean, who is Australia’s leading expert in the area of cyber safety and was a member of Victoria Police for 27 years. 

Susan was the first Victoria Police officer appointed to a position involving ‘cybersafety and young people’ where she established, and managed the Victoria Police Cyber Safety Project.

Today we’re talking about your people, your business policies, and the procedures you can initiate, and all the unseen factors that could go wrong.

It’s often something very simple, that has a catastrophic impact. It could be as simple as clicking on a dodgy email … or sometimes a whole lot more!

We want to make sure that you know what to do, and how to handle it should a cyber attack ever happen within your family or business. And if you think it won’t happen to you, well, press ‘play’ and listen to Susan McLean.

  • [7:39] – If you are gathering data on a person, a patient, a client … then you have something that is ‘valuable’ to someone else. You have to accept that there is a risk to your business based on what you are doing online. How much of a risk profile will depend of these key factors.
  • [8:56] – Be specific in your employment documentation about what you expect from your staff. In the modern world, you need to clearly outline what is considered acceptable online behaviour. Susan describes situations of brand alignment that has gone horribly wrong.
  • [20:36] – There are two primary types of hackers – who are they and how can they infiltrate your business?
  • [29:18] – Dr Jesse explains a real story when The Savvy Dentist business was hacked and the lessons and step the business took to protect itself.
  • [40:16] – The online and social media tips for parents to gate-keep your child’s online world.