In this episode of The Savvy Dentist Podcast Dr Jesse Green is joined by Tony Bradshaw. Tony is an expert when it comes to personal finance and coaching people to become millionaires.

Dr. Jesse and Tony discuss the mindset of becoming a millionaire, being clear about your vision, the steps on how to do it, but also your ‘purpose’ and ‘why’.

Tony shares so many valuable tips to help you in your own journey to create wealth.

  • [08:32] – How to make your plan to become a millionaire, and create a plan to execute your plan. 
  • [10:15] – What does the decision mean, when you choose to become a millionaire?
  • [21:08] – What is money? And what does it truly mean to you?
  • [24:24] – How to become a millionaire internally … before becoming one externally.
  • [32:16] – How to become a dreamer. (if you’re not already one)
  • [38:05] – What are the steps to transform your life from a financial perspective?