In this episode of The Savvy Dentist podcast, Dr. Jesse Green chats with Senior Relationship Manager at Medfin, Ian Walsh.

Whether you are looking to buy a commercial property, or to buy a dental practice, or looking to buy second practice or refinance your current business, Ian talks through the general principles around Finance approvals.

  • [4:39] – What have been the changes over the last few years that have reshaped the requirements in terms of lending and giving business finance?
  • [10:19] What is the anti-money laundering legislation and the anti-terrorism legislation?
  • [14:27] – How many years of tax returns and financial records must we keep on file?
  • [18:59] How much collateral is enough to borrow?
  • [21:42] – How to best manage your tax liabilities.
  • [23:06] – What legal documentation do the banks require to satisfy their business borrowing criteria?
  • [28:04] – How do the banks evaluate a Dental Practice Business?