The best ideas often come from outside the industry.

Now, I’ve been looking at other businesses for decades, having long held the view that what happens in other businesses is directly relevant to what we can do in our local dental practice.

The market has evolved, and the needs of today’s practice owner are farmore sophisticated than traditional practice management paradigms.
The market has moved on. And so as business owners, we need to be constantly educating ourselves. We need to be constantly at the forefront.

Zappos is a company I’ve been fascinated with for over a decade, and in this episode of The Savvy Dentist Podcast I am going to share some of the insights that came about as a result of a recent field trip to Zappos in the United States.

  • [5:02] – The story of Zappos and Tony Hsieh.
  • [6:31] – Tony Hsieh wanted to create a work place that people were happy to go to work and they could do business on Zappo’s terms. Zappos became well known for their internal work culture.
  • [8:32] – The 10 core values of the Zappos organisaton.
  • [14:03] – How can you utilise the Zappos core values in your Dental Practice.
  • [17:46] – Hire and retain the best people using the Zappos core values.