The best ideas often come from outside the industry.

So at The Savvy Dentist Podcast, it’s our aim to find things that are interesting in the business world, and look for their relevance to the dental world.

The Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle, Washington, was founded in 1930 and is known for its tradition of fishmongers throwing the fish purchased by customers prior to wrapping it.

The fish market was near bankruptcy in 1986, but after the introduction of new practices such as the fish throwing, games, and customer performances, it received significant exposure in national media and on television shows.

Pike Place Fish Market is today a world-famous tourist destination, attracting up to 10,000 daily visitors.

  • [6:12] – The four tenets of the fish philosophy are to choose your attitude. The idea is you come to work and you get to choose, am I going to have a good day? Or, am I not going to have a good day? Am I going to have a good attitude or not a good attitude?
  • [13:06] – How telling stories can help connect you with your patients.
  • [16:12] – Personal emotional connection is the glue that holds your dental practice together. The personal emotional connection with your patients, knowing them, knowing their families, knowing their interests, knowing their hopes and their aspirations as well as their fears and frustrations and matching our care to suit.