In this episode of The Savvy Dentist Podcast, Dr. Jesse Green chats to emergency physician Dr. Pankaj Arora. Dr. Pankaj Arora has two large multidisciplinary clinics and is opening five more. Dr. Arora has been in emergency medicine for 28 years. He is the founder of the WiSE Clinics, which stands for Walk In Specialist Emergency Clinics. And he has some incredible insights around how to scale business rapidly while building your team culture.If developing a business that works whether you do or not, then press play and have your notepad ready.

  • [4:25] – As with any successful business, seeing and filling a need in the market is an important first step. Dr. Arora explains the problem he first saw that led to him developing the concept of WISE clinics.
  • [11:51] – You know you have created a unique practice when patients enter and look at the environment and say, “Oh my God, I don’t feel like in a hospital.”
  • [12:34] – How to apply the lessons from practice #1 … and duplicate them in
    practice #2.
  • [16:52] – Dr. Arora describes how a simple question to a receptionist allowed him to start understanding his individual team members’ unique skills and utilising them to serve the greater goals (and ongoing growth) of the business.
  • [18:32] – Stepping out of the way and employing a CEO was one of the best (and worst) decisions. Dr. Arora explains why it nearly backfired, and how he used the knowledge he gained.
  • [25:09] – No two doctors think alike and no two physicians think alike. They don’t like those fixed guidelines of saying you have to do it this way. So be flexible and respectful when expanding and growing.
  • [28:14] – Growing from one practice to having 5 in development and over 400 staff, Dr. Arora explains how he creates systems, recruits, and trains new team
  • [42:39] – Dr. Arora describes how the company values of G L O H came about and how they have helped to attract and retain his teams.