David Keir is perhaps one of the greatest thinkers when it comes to helping new graduates start their dental career. David is the host of the Dental Headstart podcast created to help dental students become great dentists.

David spent over 10 years dental assisting before graduating from The University of Sydney in 2016. The idea of Dental Head Start was born from the hopes of  sharing the lessons he’s been lucky to learn along the way and helping others gain a head start also.

Having spent many summer breaks in the Mid North coast, and even marrying his beautiful wife there, David is proud to now call Port Macquarie home. 

When he’s not busy with one of his endless side projects … which is a rare, you’ll find David adventuring the great outdoors on his mountain bike or running in an ultra marathon.

  • [2:14] – Starting a podcast to self-learn and help new dental graduates understand the business of dentistry.
  • [6:29] – Business was always the path … but not the start.
  • [13:13] – How David and his wife turned a tremendous tragedy into a 1 year traveling adventure around Australia.
  • [18:01] – What has an ultra marathon got to do with running a dentistry practice?
  • [27:24] – Take a break … breathe … and give yourself the time to decide ‘what next’.
  • [35:50] – Tips to accelerating your business growth.
  • [41:03] – When you are pulled in many different directions in your business, how do you define what to focus on?