The world is certainly speeding up. The rate of change, the pace of change and technological advances are all increasing. 

As a practice owner, are you constantly thinking about your team dynamics and the structures or issues going on between people. You’re possibly also thinking about your business (and personal) finances, your tax, payroll tax, approaching EOFY. 

Sometimes the list becomes so long it can be overwhelming. 

How do you reconcile that sense of overwhelm? 

How do you overcome overwhelm so that you can continue to move forward and achieve the goals that are really important to you?

In this episode of The Savvy Dentist Podcast, Dr. Jesse Green introduces you to Daniel Sih, a productivity expert.

Daniel has a framework for all of us  around developing and maintaining productivity and creating ‘space’ within your day to ensure you maintain a sense of sanity as you grow your practice.

Daniel Sih is an award-winning author, professional speaker, and productivity consultant, leading the team at Spacemakers.

Daniel co-founded Spacemakers, a productivity consulting group, where he serves as a key leader and thinker. The organisation focuses on helping individuals and companies improve their productivity through better management of technology and work-life balance. Spacemakers offers workshops, coaching, and resources that aim to address the modern challenges of digital overload and workplace efficiency.

Daniel’s work emphasises the importance of unplugging from digital distractions to foster creativity, focus, and well-being.

  • [5:03] – The transition from physiotherapy … to productivity expert.
  • [11:33] – Daniel explains his framework for us to be able to “create space”.
  • [16:31] – The theory that we can outrun the busyness of life and business … even though in reality we all know that that’s a race you can’t just win.
  • [20:28] – The relationship between your technology, and your productivity.
  • [35:26] – One of the hardest roles to create space in is the reception role. Daniel explains how his framework can be applied.
  • [38:29] – How to apply the productivity framework you’ve just learned in everyday life and business.