Professor Martin Bean CBE, CEO of The Bean Centre, is a visionary leader shaping the future of education in our workplace.

Currently a Professor at the University of New South Wales, Martin’s expertise lies in exploring the evolving landscape of work and lifelong learning. 

In this episode of The Savvy Dentist Podcast Martin Bean shares his knowledge as a mentor connecting some of Australia’s brightest minds and Jesse and Martin unpack all of the lessons of leadership that he’s uncovered throughout his career and make them really practical for you in your dental practice.

  • [2:01] – A pathway to leadership
  • [7:12] – How Leadership has changed and evolved over recent years.
  • [10:02] – Don’t lead – coach. The difference between a hierarchical manager, and a leadership coach in your business.
  • [13:18] – How to commit to a learning culture within your dental practice and how it can impact engagement and retention.
  • [17:44] – A powerful leader is someone who can understand what motivates and inspires your team to follow.
  • [25:27] – Lessons from the top executives in Microsoft that you can apply in your business.
  • [30:36] – What Martin wishes big business would learn from our small business operations.
  • [38:29] – Don’t try to control the uncontrollable.