Video marketing and dentists.

Two concepts not usually found in the same sentence, right?

Well, if that’s what you’re thinking, now might be the time to reconsider your position on the matter.

More than ever, it’s now widely accepted video is an integral part of any serious content marketing strategy.

Even for dentists and other medical professionals, who are normally a camera-shy bunch.

Once the domain of cringe worthy infomercials for products nobody wants, video is now accessible to you and me.

Video marketing does more than make us sound great.

It establishes credibility.

Video marketing also builds trust and rapport, amps up our appeal, and expands our audience.

Wondering how to get on board with video marketing?

Check out these five steps to creating video marketing magic.

Step 1 – Define the Video’s Purpose

A lot of people take the same approach to video marketing that they take with the latest ‘everything’.

They think Everyone else is doing video. I should do video too.

Then they go to a video production company and spend a pile of cash.

Now maybe the video they ended up with is great.

But the video doesn’t do what it’s supposed to.

That’s because nobody thought it through before the camera started rolling.

A video’s purpose will be different things for every business.

Maybe it’s more engagement.

Or it could be education or trust building or connection.

It doesn’t matter what the purpose is.

It matters that you know what the purpose is.

Defining the video’s purpose will increase the chances video marketing will work for you and your dental business.

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Step 2 – Define Your Customer For Video Marketing

When it comes to marketing, defining your ideal customer or patient is ground zero.

Regardless of your marketing medium, this is step can’t be missed.

Video is no exception.

If you’ve managed to skip on by this task previously, it’s time to knuckle down on the detail.

Just who are you dealing with?

What’s important to them?

What do they think about?

What worries them?

Where does a savvy dentist fit into all that?

Take time to think deeply about the responses to these questions.

The better you define your ideal patient, the easier it will be to produce videos they’ll watch.

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Step 3 – Clarify Your Video Marketing Message

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When it comes to video, there’s nothing much worse than listening to someone who rambles.

With video, we don’t have to stick around.

In just one click, we can move on.

So how do you stop that when it’s your video they’re watching?


Craft a clear marketing message that makes sense to your audience.

And make sure that message lines up with the rest of your brand.

Now, this is not just a case of coming up with a vanilla tagline like We’re your local caring dentist.

It requires more thought than that.

You need to consider questions like:

Why does this matter to my audience?

Is this relevant to them?

Why should they care?

When you can answer these questions with certainty, you’ll know you’re on the way to a clear message with the power to connect.

And you’ll have a compelling video to boot.

Step 4 – Select the Video Format

With the proliferation of video as a marketing medium, there are now many formats a video can take.

Want casual and relaxed?

No problem, Facebook Live it.

Allowing you to instantly stream live to patients and followers, Facebook Live means you interact with viewers in real time.

This is the perfect video format for quick updates and connection building.

What makes these videos even more appealing is you only need a smartphone.

A step up from this type of video marketing is community grade content.

Produced to a reasonable quality, this type of video moves beyond the basics.

It reflects a higher standard of audio quality.

At the very least, they should be produced with a microphone to improve audio quality.

A third level of video marketing is the commercial grade production video.

This is where video marketing gets serious.

Here you’ll find production crews, scripts, lighting and proper audio.

The trick is knowing which one is for you.

In reality, each one of these formats will have a role at some stage in your video marketing strategy.

At times, you might even have all three working for you.

My tip: start with the basics and work your way up.

You can even download my own video framework here to get you started.

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Step 5 – Build A Bridge to Video Marketing

Now, just so we’re clear, I don’t mean literally go build a bridge.

What I mean is, video marketing is not for wallflowers.

So, if the idea of doing videos strikes fear in heart, you need to find a way to step onto that bridge – and keep walking.

Maybe you don’t like the way you look or sound or the way your nose turns up slightly.

The good news is, you are not the only one.

While you might see your ‘flaws’ up close and personal every day, most people won’t look that closely.

They’ll be more interested in what you have to say.

Especially if you’ve crafted a clear, strong message backed by good information that solves a problem.

That doesn’t mean standing in front of a camera and speaking is enough.

No, you need to look alive.

More than show up, you better think ‘show time’.

Bonus Step – Play the Part

One thing people really struggle with here is striking the balance between authenticity and ‘performing’ on video.

Somehow, they think there’s a difference between the two, but really there isn’t.

As dentists, we’re already performing.

We see patients every day.

If we walked into the treatment room and greeted Mrs Jones with a curt nod of the head and nothing more, she’d never come back.

Instead we say:

Mrs Jones, it is lovely to see you back here again.

How is Mr Jones?

Did the two of you enjoy your time away in Italy?

You did! How wonderful.

After opening up the conversation with Mrs Jones, we might share some light humour about too much red wine and fine Italian food.

We might even swap stories about our own travels to Italy.

Are we faking it?


Are we building rapport?


We’re also establishing trust and connecting with our ideal patient at their level.

And that’s exactly what we do with video marketing.

Final Words

Video may not be your immediate next marketing step

However, at some point, every savvy dentist will find themselves in front of a camera.

Those who make the move will have a strong clear message and know their audience.

They will also be confident sharing it.

Like anyone starting out in video marketing, I didn’t love my first efforts.

But I kept going.

For me it was about deciding that video bridge was worth building and getting on it.

Want to get started?

Use my tried and tested framework for short videos. Click here to get your FREE Video Marketing Blueprint

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