They’re a major resource for your dental practice, and getting the right people on board is crucial.

Recruiting staff is time-consuming and often challenging. And, like many things in life – and in business – it doesn’t come with a manual or a road map.

So you often end up flying by the seat of your pants. Doing what seems right at the time.

And that results in you suffering the consequences later. Because we all know the consequences of imperfect staffing decisions.

A huge amount of angst, time, frustration and lost revenue.

No one likes dealing with staffing issues. They’re fraught with danger. There’s a very real possibility of litigation if matters are handled poorly, and the emotional impact on everyone involved can be huge.

There’s also the revenue issue.

Because all the time you spend sorting out staffing issues is time you could be spending with patients. So there’s a very real cost to your business when you’re investing a lot of time and energy dealing with staff management problems.

And here’s the thing that no one else will tell you. High staff turnover results in reduced revenue. Whereas high staff retention results in higher patient retention

So how do you go about building an elite team?

I believe there are five key steps.

This is a big topic, so this post is part of a series that will help you get staffing right in your practice. Even if you’re not currently looking to hire anyone new, the strategies and checklists I’m going to share with you are critical for building an effective team.

Building An Elite Team to Boost Your Business



Don’t Drown In Overwhelm

So now you know the five key steps for building a highly successful, elite team, it might seem a little overwhelming.

And you’re right. There are only five steps, but there’s a lot in each step.

Which is why we’ve unpacked the steps even further – we have post on each part of the process. So you have a clear roadmap to creating the best possible team for your practice.

You can find out:

You can even discover how to deal with underperforming staff.

But before you drown in overwhelm, remember what Marie Forleo says:

You can have it all, but you don’t have to do it all.

You have a team. Part of building an elite team is delegating responsibility. It’s about not doing it all yourself.

So if you haven’t already started flexing your delegation muscles, make today the day.

What have you got to lose?