Ted Talks can be a great opportunity to learn from international experts, thought leaders, and highly successful individuals. This is especially handy for practice owners who are looking to grow both personally and professionally.

We’ve rounded up the top five Ted Talks that every practice owner needs to see – covering all aspects of business strategy, personal development, perspective shifts, and working on your mindset.


1. 8 Secrets of success | Richard St. Johns

Richard St. Johns has spent years interviewing some of the most renowned CEO’s and entrepreneurs about what they consider for success. He has picked the brains of the people who have been there, done that, and are now willing to give the inside scoop.


This might be a short three-minute clip, but it’s packed with advice, quotes, and perspective for you to consider moving forward in practice and business ownership. There might be some principles you execute very well, and one or two that are food for thought moving forward.



2. The power of vulnerability| Brené Brown

You might have seen this Ted Talk already – but yes, it’s that good that I insist you watch it again. Brene Brown’s research into shame, courage, and vulnerability is renowned for how insightfully it cuts through to what we’re really scared of. What if we get rejected? What if we don’t belong? What if everyone laughs at us?

I’d encourage every leader to watch this in order to better understand the needs of your team, effective communication, and even break through some of your own limitations and negative self-talk.



3. Why the best hire might not have the perfect resume | Regina Hartley

As practice owners and leaders, recruitment is a huge part of our role and can really make or break a practice. It’s not uncommon to find people with the perfect resume who turn out to be a bad fit for the practice. And on the other hand, some of the best hires you make can often be the underdog with less experience but a winning attitude.

So, when you’re faced with the hiring process and feel torn between a technically perfect applicant versus someone you have a good gut feeling about – watch this Ted Talk for guidance.



4. How to turn off work thoughts during your free time | Guy Winch

As a fellow practice owner, Guy Winch knows what it’s like to feel consumed by the responsibilities of caring for patients, leading a team, and concerned for the long-term success of your business. We spend our business hours knee-deep in work, then come home only to ruminate on what we could’ve done differently and what might go wrong next.

While making time for planning and reflection are actually important aspects of success, switching off and actually enjoying your free time is one of the most productive things you can do – personally and professionally. Check out how this practice owner taught himself to let go, and how you can too.



5. How to build a business that lasts 100 years | Martin Reeves

When it comes to building a legacy and intergenerational wealth, we want to play the long game and abide by principles of resilience, endurance, and protection. So, what better to inspire us, than our own immune system?

As healthcare professionals, this is an interesting comparison but one that stands to teach us a lout about building a business that stands the test of time.



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