The biggest reason we work and enter practice ownership is to generate more time, money, and meaning.

In order to do this, it’s important to build a self-managing team and equip them with the right systems and assets so that the practice isn’t reliant on you.

Taking time away from the practice to rest and reset is crucial, but it can be hard to fully switch off while you’re taking your well-earned holiday.

Sometimes we find that despite our best efforts, we still feel a bit anxious about what’s happening back at the practice in our absence.

If you find that happens to you, here are a few things to keep in mind…


1. Schedule your time off well in advance

There is an enormous amount of work, responsibility, and pressure that comes with owning a business. Taking a break every now and then is important, so treat it like a priority or an important meeting.

Rather than waiting until you’re burnt out and then needing to urgently cancel things, schedule holidays strategically. Will you do it at the end of every quarter? Is there an important family holiday you like to take at the same time each year?

Decide when you’re going to be away, clearly book it in advance and communicate it to your team, then make it non-negotiable.


2. An effective handover

Make sure that in preparation for your break, you have clarity around who’s doing what and that they know how to do it.

This is where SOP’s shine, and it’s important to stress-test them before you go. Have your team follow them through a few times, so they have the chance to ask questions or get clarity.


3. Preframe with boundaries

Are you planning on checking in while you’re switching off?

Or do you want to be completely off the grid?

Would you like to plan a call or two in advance with your team – and have them come with a few stats or updates ready for you?

When, if at all, would you like them to contact you if something urgent comes up?

Decide how you want to handle these, and let your team know what to expect.


4. Maintain accountability

If you’re a bit of a workaholic, you might want to ask your team to remind you to switch off if they see you trying to get work done.

You might also want your family/partner/friends or whoever you’re on holiday with to stop you from talking/thinking/trying to work.


5. Trust the team

You’ve hired these people for a reason, and if you had doubts about their capabilities you’d probably be in the process of replacing them, right?

So, focus on enjoying your break and let the team do what they do best.

And if you’re feeling anxious about any potential gaps or mishaps while you’re gone, then perhaps this is a great opportunity to identify areas where the practice is overly dependent on you – and you can work on it for next time!


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