Savvy Dentist

Savvy Dentist was born out of a need identified by dentist and founder, Dr Jesse Green. Recognising the operating environment for dentists changed dramatically and left many without a busy compass, over several years, Jesse devised the tools, systems and integrated dental business coaching program that is now Savvy Dentist. He continues to seek out the very best in business leadership and dental practice – and bring it back to the Savvy Dentist community.

Join the Savvy Dentist evolution.

Author, speaker, and entrepreneur, Dr Jesse Green is a leading dental business coach. He established Savvy Dentist to support dentists to develop financial intelligence, have more time and work less, create high performance teams, and master the art of patient flow.

June 2019

Launched Savvy Dentist online dental practice management community
After refining the integrated program of systems, tools, and support for dentists through one-to-one coaching, we’ve now made these available to a much larger dentist community through Savvy Dentist Academy.

May 2017

Met billionaire and business icon, Sir Richard Branson
Joined 30 plus purpose-driven entrepreneurs for a week on Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands to soak up the wisdom of Virgin’s founder. Shared the highlights with my dental coaching community. Best memory? Playing as Sir Richard’s doubles partner!

March 2016

Launched the Savvy Dentist podcast and blog
Now with hundreds of episodes released and counting, the podcast has brought discipline to sharing the best of business intelligence from across the full gamut of dentistry and commerce more widely. Can I name just one or two favourite interviews? It’s hard, but no Savvy Dentist podcast would be complete without mentioning elite business coach, James Schramko, bestselling author, Andrew Griffiths, and Olympic Gold Medallist, Steven Bradbury. Our dental business blog and the Savvy Dentist podcast are shared over multiple platforms, with the podcast now Australia’s leading go-to source for all things related to dental business.

December 2014

First book published
Published Retention!, my number 1 Amazon bestseller. Writing Retention! was a labour of love. As much as I didn’t enjoy the writing, the satisfaction gained from being able to share sound practice management principles with my community was hugely satisfying.

May 2014

First Practice Max workshop
Delivered the first Practice Max dental coaching workshop on the Gold Coast, Queensland. Attended by a cohort of 25 of students, I’m proud to say, the Savvy Dentist team has supported these dentists to grow and scale their practices to new levels. We now deliver three workshops each year, providing the perfect vehicle for sharing

February 2013

Practice Max coaching starts
Commenced dental business coaching, having developed the Practice Max high performance business mastermind for dentists striving for elite level practice performance. Biggest highlight? Working with my first client seriously grow and scale their practice.

May 2008 – 2013

Learned and studied online marketing. Started a digital marketing agency exclusively for dentists, while concurrently running a dental CPD business called Dental Sumo, which delivered live and online events in Australia and overseas. Learnt how to leverage and how to scale a business to transition from an operator-style business to a true business, which provides both financial rewards and time flexibility and freedom. These lessons, which separate Savvy Dentist from other practice management programs, are part of the core teaching of all our programs.

2004 – 2008

Took over the first dental practice
Took over first high end boutique dental practice in Canberra. Gained invaluable firsthand experience of dental practice management. Discovered the traditional practice management model provided financial returns, but didn’t provide fulfilment. Made the mistakes we now teach smart dentists to avoid through the Savvy Dentist dental coaching program.

1995 – 2002

Dentist in service at sea
Served in the Royal Australian Navy for eight years, during which I was deployed to South East Asia and the United Kingdom. Practised dentistry at sea – a whole new ball game – where I learned the foundations of systems, teamwork, and leadership.

December 1994

Graduated as a dentist
Completed my undergraduate dentistry degree at the University of Queensland. Commenced work as a dental officer in the Royal Australian Navy and had my first experience of the challenges posed by dental practice management in a changing environment.

October 1989

Started My First Business
During my final year of high school, I designed, manufactured and distributed football jerseys to my peers. During this time, I learn the power leverage and the ability to create a business from nothing. Unfortunately, this business didn’t go so far but the lessons are as important today as they were then.