As a dental practice owner, you know that your reception team is the smiling face of your practice.

They’re the first point of contact for your patients as they enter the practice, and the environment they create can really set the tone for the entire patient experience.

Bust as crucial as that is, their role goes far beyond simply greeting your patients as they arrive.

Your front desk team also handle a range of responsibilities that other team members don’t.

They pick up the phone and convert inquiries into new patients. What if they could convert more calls to appointments?

They manage disgruntled or unhappy patients and have the power to turn their negative experiences into positive ones that can boost your practice’s reputation.

And of course, they rebook after every visit so that you can enjoy patients that pay, stay, and even refer.

Each of these interactions has the potential to make or break your practice’s success.

There’s a lot riding on the front desk, and that’s why you really want to equip your reception team with the tools and training they need to navigate these challenges with ease and achieve the best possible outcomes.

But it won’t happen by luck,  front desk team need the right training, tools, and strategies, so they can become a marketing, sales, and retention powerhouse for your practice.

They can draw on expert business techniques to convert more inquiries into new patients, keep patients booking their next appointment, and increase overall revenue for your practice.

It just takes the right training.

So if you want to upskill your staff into incredible Front Desk Heroes we’ve created a workshop to turn them into marketing, sales and retention legends!

You and your team will walk away with skills and strategies that are based on principles that have worked time and time again for dental practices of all shapes and sizes.

One decision, one short day of training has the ability to switch your practice into a whole new gear.

Let’s talk about what you and your team will walk away with after 1 short day:

  1. Skills for life… Your team will find themselves better equipped to deal with unpredictable conversations and situations, and navigate “icky” conversations like payment and cancellations, with ease and confidence.
  2. Your greatest marketing asset… Watch as your front desk converts calls into appointments, retains your hard-earned patient base, fills your appointment books, and generates more profit.
  3. The ‘holy grail’ of practice success… You create a win-win-win situation where:
  • The reception team feel more satisfied, productive, and impactful in their work
  • Patients receive more consistent and better care
  • You rest easy knowing that your hard-earned work in the surgery isn’t being lost at the front desk!


This is a hands-on, information-packed workshop for dental practice owners and their teams.

Everything I teach has stood the test of time.

In a word, it WORKS!

This really should be the easiest decision you’ve ever made.

One short day that promises to have an everlasting effect on your practice.

Don’t put it off – join us on Friday the 21st April for a day that will transform your practice forever.

Grab your spot HERE now.