In this episode, I’m joined by Dr David Phelps who specialises in plan B and exit strategies for dentists. We discuss strategies for all career stages: early, mid and late.There are options to suit just about everyone.

Dr David Phelps has been a general dentist business owner 27 years. He specialises in operations, marketing, succession and exit plans for professionals and business owners. He has also been in the real estate business and investment since 1980. He specialises in alternative financing methods, transaction structures enabling parties to close with or without conventional financing. Joint ventures and equity participations.

In this episode, we discuss:

2:29: Why change brings opportunity (and how to harness it)

7:30: How do you know when you’ve got enough to retire (and how to aim for it)

12:45: Why real-estate is a great revenue stream for older dentists

15:39: Plan B options for early career dentists

20:50: What skills should new graduates be investing in

24:53: Plan B options for mid career dentists and outside wealth options

29:00: What are the key risks, how to identify them and mitigation strategies

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