Communication skills are an indicator for success in business.

We need to communicate effectively with our team to avoid or negotiate conflict, to improve our workplace culture and more.
But also, we need to communicate effectively with our patients for better case acceptance and behavioural change.

Communication is one of the backbones of our businesses, so it’s important to look closely at how we’re communicating and where we can step up our communication to align with our roles as leaders in our businesses.

This week, I’m joined by leadership communication coach, Dr Laura Sicola.

Dr. Laura Sicola is a professional speaker, leadership communication coach and the founder of Vocal Impact Productions in Philadelphia, PA. Her mission is to help people confidently and authentically master the 3Cs of “Vocal Executive Presence”: to command the room, connect with the audience, and close the deal in any context.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • 3:00 Dr Laura Sicola’s journey from linguistics to leadership communication
  • 5:00 How you can learn better communication skills
  • 7:29 Finding the gaps in your communication skills so that you can improve them.
  • 8:42 Why your words might be great, but the message just doesn’t get across
  • 12:11 Using communication to navigate and resolve conflicts within teams
  • 16:50 Getting out of sticky conflicts with a simple and honest approach
  • 18:21 Listening and mindfulness are powerful communication tools
  • 26:07 The pros and cons of written-based communication (is it all bad?)
  • 28:53 Building trust through vulnerability in communication
  • 36:16 How to improve behaviour change with our patients through the way that we communicate with them.

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Dr Laura Sicola