In this episode, I’m joined by Dr Les Jabbour, owner of Define Dental on the Gold Coast. We discuss his lessons transitioning into dental practice ownership, his tips for building a world class team and more.

Les had his heart set on being a dentist as a child. Les visited Surfers Paradise Dental Centre (as it was known then) as a kid, and was a long term patient of both the original practice owners, Dr Foster and Dr Cowie. He was so inspired by the ethos of the practice, he became a dentist himself.

After graduating with Honours from the University of Queensland in 1995, and gaining valuable experience around South East Queensland, Dr Les Jabbour made his way back to the practice that set him on the road to where he is now. Starting as an associate dentist, and then buying into the practice, Les took over full ownership in 2011. With changes in location and a new vision for the future prompting a re-brand to Define Dental in 2017, Les is on a mission to recreate people’s experience of their dental care so they feel good about seeing the dentist.

He is the proud dad of five beautiful kids, happy husband to Heidi, and inspired advocate for giving back to the Gold Coast community.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • 7:10: How to manage relationships at different levels in the practice
  • 9:13: Having faith in yourself to back yourself during transition to practice ownership
  • 10:56: Unexpected happenings when taking over the practice
  • 14:50: Current organisational structure for his practice
  • 18:24: Tips for managing staff leave through organisational structures
  • 20:19: How to be resilient even when the best laid plans fall through
  • 22:20: How to create a living staff culture
  • 25:25: Tips for hiring staff based on culture fit
  • 27:38: Tips for building a world class team
  • 30:19: How to have a life and a business
  • 37:07: Which metrics to measure and how to understand that data
  • And more.

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