Success can be elusive.

It’s easy to see the success that others achieve, but achieving it yourself can be challenging.

You might be just as smart as the others. You might work just as hard as the others.

You might even think you’re doing similar things each day. And you probably are mostly doing what successful business owners do.

But sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference. Sometimes small habits can be the difference between struggle town and success city.

One thing I learned in the navy is that small things done well, can have a big impact. In short, habits determine success.

So I’ve put together some entrepreneurial habits to help you sail to success.


Habits Determine Success

As dentists, we know habits determine success. We know that patients who develop good oral hygiene habits have better health.

We know that small habits can change an unhealthy diet to a healthy one.

We know that a little thing like giving up smoking can have a huge impact on a person’s health and lifestyle.

The same can be said about business.

The difference between a good customer experience and a poor one is often small but it packs a big punch.

The difference between turning a complaining customer into a devoted follower, or never seeing them again, is often small.

The difference between struggling to get ahead and adopting habits that lead to success can be small too.

But if it’s small, you can do it. You can adopt these habits today so you can reap the rewards tomorrow.

The future is in your hands. Strive for your goals and create your own success.