Robert is a pharmacist who works directly with pharmacy owners to transform their businesses by improving operational efficiency, creating remarkable patient experiences, and utilising smart technology.

He is a 2nd generation pharmacist and has been in the industry for 16 years working across community, hospital, and international practice settings. He is the host of the world’s #1 Pharmacy & Technology Podcast show, the “Transpharmation Show“, Editor-in-Chief of Transpharmation Magazine, and the author of Transpharmation.

To enable pharmacy owners to maximise their success potential, Robert’s company Pharmactive launched the 12 month Transpharmation Program, which is especially suitable for pharmacy owners (and their teams) who are willing to be challenged, get innovative, and be held accountable to a new level of performance.

Robert believes that every pharmacist deserves the opportunity to reconnect with their passion for primary healthcare while also creating the freedom to design their lifestyle both in and out of the pharmacy.

In this episode we talk about:

  • How to stand out from competitors
  • The challenges for pharmacists today
  • The importance of a deep connection with your community
  • Recognising key opportunities
  • How technology can aid and automate the best practices moving forward
  • The importance of people and technology working together
  • How technology enhances the relational model
  • Robert’s practices in managing workflow
  • The importance of return on investment
  • The critical role of health professionals as trusted advisors
  • The future trends around technology in healthcare 

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