In this episode, I’m joined by Gary Bertwistle who shares his insights on how to get your mojo back. When we work in our practices day in and day out, it’s easy to get stuck in the grind and not operate at our best.

Gary has always had a passion for innovation and creativity. His career has spanned the retail, music and radio industries. Gary’s drive comes from having people and organisations think differently to generate new ways of doing things.

As a thought leader in innovation and creativity, Gary has helped companies of all sizes, in all industries and categories, to look at how they currently do things and address what needs to change in order for them to think differently and maximise the ideas that currently exist within the business, with the view to making the company more successful. He is often called when companies or individuals lose their mojo.

In this episode, we discuss:

5:57 How to get regain your mojo to lead your practice to greatness
9:45 Why businesses lose their mojo (and how to get it back)
10:40 Why metrics and revenue alone won’t drive you to success (but what will)
13:30 How intention can drive you through each day
17:21 Why you should use a journal
20:55 What practices lead to a fulfilled life
25:71 What stops us from living a fulfilled life and how to overcome that
27:37 The “game recognises game” concept and why it’s essential for leaders
29:54 What the qualities of a good leader are and how you can become one
33:06 The secret to never being nervous

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