Did you know that within your existing patient base lies hundreds of thousands of dollars in undiagnosed treatment?

It’s sitting right there in the patients you already see, just waiting to be diagnosed, presented, and accepted.

We know this because within a dental practice it’s extremely common to see the dynamic where the Principal dentist is bringing in a disproportionate amount of the revenue. They see the same number of patients, work the same hours – but the difference is they’re more commercially motivated than the employed dentists.

Typically, the Principal dentist is better at diagnosing, presenting, and getting large cases accepted. Generally, the Associate dentist may not be comfortable performing all treatments. Dentists often don’t diagnose treatment they don’t see, or don’t think will be accepted. They’re looking at the issue in front of them instead of looking at the patient as a whole….and the bigger issues.

The result is the Associate dentists tend not to suggest undertaking treatments when. an experienced principal would do so.

This means revenue is left on the table when another dentist in the practice could perform it.

Unfortunately, this leaves the practice extremely dependent on the Principal who has to work harder and longer.

However, there is a simple solution to overcome this untapped goldmine of treatment avoidance.

The first step is to remove the expectation that an Associate dentist will take on a diagnosis and sales role. It’s not a position they’re necessarily comfortable with or willing to take on, so why make it an uphill battle?

The second step is to create a Treatment Coordinator role within the practice.  This doesn’t have to be a new hire, but it’s someone dedicated to overseeing the entire process of presenting and accepting treatment. They will make the patient experience about so much more than just receiving dental work, and tap into treatment that would never have happened otherwise.

A well trained Treatment Coordinator and an integrated process can save you a whole lot of time, money, and stress – while dramatically increasing your cases, conversions and revenue.

The problem is it’s more than just identifying potential treatments – someone needs to present them to the patient, remove bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and issues in your treatment coordination process as well.

But what if the Treatment Coordinator pitches the treatment to the patient and they baulk at the price, do they know how to overcome that, or other obstacles to the patient saying ‘yes’? It can take a long time to train them and provide that experience.

At Savvy Dentist, we’re created a short but comprehensive workshop to train existing or new hires on how to become your Treatment Coordinator, plus how to find and convert potential treatments to appointments.

It’s a hands-on team training event where you can bring along your Treatment Coordinator to be trained by experts with decades of experience in the field.

We’ll be providing them with the tangible systems, frameworks, scripts, and assets you need to start seeing more patients, more cases, and more profits.

You’ll learn the exact techniques we’ve used to seven-figure success in multiple practices around the country.

Once you see what’s on offer, it really will be the most profitable decisions you’ve ever made.

Learn more about Advanced Treatment Coordination for Dental Practices.


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