By and large, most people come to work each day wanting to do a good job, and wholeheartedly believing they are doing a good job.

When miscommunication occurs and expectations don’t align, you end up with a disconnect that can significantly impact performance.

It’s crucial to fix this with communication and reset of expectations to get the employee to focus on the tasks that matter most.

Scorecards are an excellent, objective, black-and-white way to bring focus and alignment to your team.

You might be aware of scorecards as a performance management tool, but they’re also an important employee empowerment tool.

It removes the blame, gives clear communication, and allows you to get on the same page about what’s required from the role.

They also show the team member where to focus their time and energy to build maximum value for the business.

So, in order to build scorecards for your employees, you’ll need to know the three key components:

1. Objective

This might be “to retain every patient on the database” or some such mission for them to fulfill. This is a statement or goal that will have been fulfilled by virtue of the KPI’s being achieved.

2. KPI’s

KPI’s or Key Performance Indicators are numbers-driven goals that provide a ballpark for what you need your team members to achieve. If we’re going on the objective from above, maybe one of the KPI’s is “to have a rebooking rate of 85%”.

3. Critical Drivers

The critical drivers are the activities we focus on to drive our KPI’s. These activities that directly drive results, and should be our primary focus. In this instance, a critical driver would be to implement and follow a rebooking framework.

We build our scorecards top to bottom in order to focus on the big picture and then determine the necessary actions. However, the scorecard is executed from bottom to top.

This makes it effective at ensuring every action and step taken is moving you towards your objective – and aligning the expectations of you and your team member!


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