Research shows that consumers are increasingly using social platforms like Facebook to check out businesses before engaging their services.

It can be a really useful platform because it allows you to add a tonne of information and share content that builds relationships with prospective patients.

If you’re not sure where to start, or you want to make your profile really pop, then here’s some important tools to have in play.

Facebook tends to like when pages make the most of their features and really use all the tools available – so here’s a few to make sure you incorporate.


1. Call to Action Button

This gives people visiting your page a nice, big blue button directing them to your webpage.

If they’re interested enough to take the step to your website, then they’re much more likely to engage your services.


2. Your About Section

A lot of the time, Facebook profiles come up in search engines.

While there’s a bit of debate about whether the About section is specifically SEO recognisable, it’s definitely worth filling out using similar content from your webpage in order to increase rankings.


3. Phone Number and Email

Facebook has a function that allows businesses to put in their phone number and email address, and lets users call or email with one simple click.

This is important, because it reduces the amount of friction users have to endure before making direct contact with you.

It seems like a tiny detail, but it can really help get people over the line.


4. Hours of Operation

Patients love having all the information they need in one place.

In fact, they’re much more likely to choose a practice that has this information, than they would be to call you up and ask!


5. Pin Important Posts

You can pin a post to the top of your page so it stays visible and top of mind, no matter when it was published.

This could be a promotion you’re running, important information, exciting news, or a topical holiday post.

These are some tiny tips that can really work to optimise your Facebook presence and make things much more convenient for your patients.

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