Cyber attacks aren’t just an urban myth and I’m speaking from very recent experience here. One Monday morning I found our dental IT system in lock down and our business held to ransom by a CryptoLocker attack. Fortunately, I’d met James Borg and he was my knight in shining armour.

James is the Managing Director of Teamwork Technology and in this episode we discuss the importance of having secure, reliable IT systems in your dental practice.

With over ten years of IT experience within the dental industry, he and his team are highly knowledgeable with solutions that are relevant to the dental industry.

We chat about:

  • Common IT problems in dental practices
  • The impact of IT systems on your professional image and productivity
  • The essentials of a good IT system
  • The key things you need for IT security
  • My experience with a CryptoLocker attack
  • Three action steps to improve your practice IT systems

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