Jason Cunningham is one of Australia’s leading business growth experts.

Over a 20 year career, he’s inspired thousands of business owners to take action to build a better business, and get the full financial and lifestyle rewards they deserve from their business.

At 24, he co-founded the business and personal wealth advisory firm The Practice which focuses on liberating people’s lifestyles.

As well as a successful business owner, Jason is a Fellow of CPA (Certified Practicing Accountants), author, industry commentator, engaging keynote speaker, and a member of Channel 10’s The Living Room.

His experience, engaging personality and down-to-earth style make him a unique voice in the small and medium size business space.


In this episode, we chat about:
  • How adversity is a better teacher than success
  • The 7 steps to building a successful business
  • Why you need to learn to “sack yourself”
  • How to create an organisation culture that attracts and keeps amazing employees
  • Why the financial data is not the driver of your business
  • The value of strategic planning and more!

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