In this episode, I’m chatting to Jerry Jones, a top expert on professional practice management and marketing about the keys to patient retention, management and more.

Jerry Jones is a top expert on professional practice marketing with well over 20 years experience. 

His company, Jerry Jones Direct, is the #1 internationally recognised Membership-based boutique dental marketing and advertising firm focused on both patient retention & turn-key new patient solutions, with clients in the US, England, Australia and Canada.

While not a dentist, starting in 2003, Mr. Jones opened a start-up, “from-scratch” multi-doctor dental office, Wellness Springs Dental of Salem. He later held interests in as many as three offices. In May of 2018, Jerry sold his last office, completing the journey he started in early 2003. For over 15 years, Jerry and his team conducted research and experiments with a variety of cutting-edge marketing and management techniques.

Mr. Jones knows what it takes to successfully own and operate a dental office in an area with high competition and in the ever-changing dental landscape. For example, for several years during and after the 2008 financial collapse, his dental office maintained double-digit year-over-year growth while surrounding practices were going under.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • 12:08: The current landscape for dental practices (which type is yours?)
  • 18:54: Current trends in the US and Australia (and how to use international trends to manage risks)
  • 20:40: Lessons learned from scaling mishaps (and how to avoid them)
  • 22:53: What is a regional domination strategy and can you use it?
  • 28:18: What are the key metrics in your business that you should be keeping an eye on?
  • 37:32: Why patient retention is the key to growth and stability in a practice
  • 40:35: How to understand and utilise emotional equity with patients
  • 44:31: The lifetime value of a patient and what it means for your practice
  • And more

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