Mums are the powerhouse of our economy – they’re responsible for more than 80 percent of consumer spending. So, how can dental practices make sure they’re marketing effectively to mums?

In this episode, I chat with the author of Marketing to Mums, Katrina McCarter. Katrina is a trailblazer and expert strategist in the field of selling to mums, Australia’s most powerful consumer. For 15 years, she has worked with companies whose target market is mums, including Bonds, Booktopia and ABC Reading Eggs.

In this episode we chat about:

  • How most businesses are missing out on this huge market
  • Common mistakes when marketing to mums
  • Why you need to niche within ‘mums’
  • The number one thing that influences many mums in a purchasing decision
  • How to use Facebook to build your relationship with mums
  • The power of leveraging partnerships to fast track your success
  • and much more.

Find out more about Katrina McCarter

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