Social media can often feel like wasted time. In this episode, Mark Warncken shares with us his 3 simple steps for social media success.

Mark Warncken has had a 30 year career working in sales across many industries gives me a unique insight into understanding the challenges every business faces in generating leads and converting them into buying customers. He now brings his sales expertise to the world of social media with great success.

In this episode, we discuss:

2:45 How a 50 year old expert in corporate sales came to be an expert in social media
5:15 Why you can’t ignore social media in your dental practice
6:15 How social media has changed the way we live life and do business
7:45 Tips for how to fit social media into your daily routine
8:45 Defining your Ideal Patient is crucial for nailing your social media
15:45 Tips for working out which social media platforms you need to be on
20:15 Marks 3 simple steps for social media success
33:15 Reusing content again and again
38:00 Asking for the sale
And more.

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