In this episode, I’m speaking to Matthew Barnett, the founder of Bonjoro. In dentistry, we’re always looking for ways to scale our personal communications. We want to ensure a better patient experience and higher retention rate. But even with automated systems, sometimes the personal touch can get lost.

That’s why I’ve invited Matthew Barnett on the show to discuss ways that dentists can scale their communications without losing that personal touch.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • 3:40: How Bonjoro came to be
  • 5:49: How customers crave genuine personalisation, not automation
  • 8:25: Why small to medium businesses should be focusing on excelling at customer service
  • 9:55: Why you’ll make more revenue and gain more avid fans through better customer service
  • 11:55: How to create a business culture that values exceptional customer service
  • 16:30: The art of scaling communications
  • 19:32: Opportunities to personalise communications in your business
  • 23:24: The future of the communication space

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