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Hosted by Dr Jesse Green, the Savvy Dentist podcast provides the platform for learning everything you need to know about creating a dental business so that you can create a practice and life you love. Join Jesse each week as he interviews successful dentists, inspiring entrepreneurs, high performing athletes, and influencers. Hear their stories, learn about their challenges, and discover new tools and techniques to apply in your own dental business.

Savvy Dentist is the podcast where great dentistry meets great business.

160. Metri

160. Metrics that Matter Part 2

Episode 160 of the Savvy Dentist Podcast is a continuation of our discussion on metrics that matter. Pick my brain and hear my thoughts on Metrics that Matter #2 which is about looking and understanding the financial elements of your business.
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159. Maxim

159. Maximising Cashflow

In Episode 159 of the Savvy Dentist Podcast, we are going to talk about an important business metric that we need to understand and consider – maximising cash flow.
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158. The h

158. The high performance practice - Lessons from elite sport

In Episode 158 of the Savvy Dentist Podcast, Dr. Jeffrey Tho, a dentist, practice owner and elite athlete joins us to talk about personal effectiveness and performance in life and business.
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157. Scali

157. Scaling Success - A Case Study with Dr Jahnavi Vora

In Episode 157 of the Savvy Dentist Podcast, we talk to Dr. Jahnavi Vora about scaling your practice. She shares with us the process that she and her husband went through in scaling their business, the important things to do and what they learned in the process.
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156. Marke

156. Marketing Your Practice on a Shoestring

In this solo episode, we will be discussing how to get patients in your practice for free. I will be sharing 10 key tactics and practical tips that you can apply in your practice today to ensure that your books are always full.
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155. How t

155. How to Have a Productive Associate Dentist

In this solo episode, we are going to talk about how to have a productive associate in your practice.
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154. How t

154. How to Create a Better Life for Yourself with Kurek Ashley

In this episode, Kurek Ashley joins us to talk about how to create a better life for yourself. Kurek is world-known author, in-demand speaker, and coach, teaching private individuals and companies which have produced awe-inspiring results.
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153. How J

153. How Justin Herald turned $50 into a $20M empire

In this episode, Justin Herald, a business owner, business mentor, speaker, managing director and bestselling author, joins us to talk about his success in managing his business and growing it from $50 to a million dollar enterprise.
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152. Creat

152. Creating Breakthroughs in Business and in Life

In this episode, Yu Dan Shi joins us as she shares her expertise about helping people break through from where they are to where they want to get thru and achieve success and happiness in their life.
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