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Hosted by Dr Jesse Green, the Savvy Dentist podcast provides the platform for learning everything you need to know about creating a dental business so that you can create a practice and life you love. Join Jesse each week as he interviews successful dentists, inspiring entrepreneurs, high performing athletes, and influencers. Hear their stories, learn about their challenges, and discover new tools and techniques to apply in your own dental business.

Savvy Dentist is the podcast where great dentistry meets great business.


175. How t

175. How to create a winning culture

In this action-packed Episode 175 of the Savvy Dentist Podcast, Collin Ellis, an award-winning keynote speaker, culture change specialist and author, joins us as we talk about his expertise – creating a winning culture in your practice. He gives us practical tips that you can implement in your practice today. Colin’s work is centred around helping organisations and individuals change the way they get things done. He is a catalyst for creating cultures where great work thrives. If you are a practice owner wanting to create a good culture with intent in your business, this episode is for you.
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174. Thing

174. Things I wish I had known as a recent graduate

In Episode 174 of the Savvy Dentist Podcast, we are joined by fellow dentist, Dr. Omid Azami who runs the Noobie Dentist Podcast and Noobie Dentist Study Club. The Noobie Dentist Podcast and Study Club was created to give noobie dentists a safe place to connect, collaborate, learn and grow. If you are a new dentist, associate or practice owner, you wouldn’t want to miss this interview as we talk about experiences, challenges of and advice for new dentists. For practice owners, we also touch on how to better understand your associate dentists to have harmonious relationships with them.
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173. A bus

173. A business owners guide to dealing with change, making transitions and self mastery

In Episode 173 of the Savvy Dentist Podcast, JoAnna Ferrari joins us as we talk about change in all its flavors – life change, business change, you name it – we’ll be discussing it. JoAnna is an expert in guiding individuals through change and help navigate their paths. JoAnna is currently writing a book called “Start Up and Stay Up” which covers a multitude of very interesting topics on mastery of self, business, relationship and persuasion. These are the engaging topics we’ll be discussing and how it relates to change and business. JoAnna is a Transition Specialist who teaches audience to “Harness the Power of Transitions” and ReThinking Life’s Rules, where she shares strategies, models and formulas she developed over the years through her own personal and professional experiences.
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172. Leade

172. Leadership hacks for dental practice owners

In Episode 172 of the Savvy Dentist Podcast we are joined by Scott Stein to talk about his expertise on leadership. He has helped thousands of leaders around the world and focuses on helping them implement and fastrack strategies that will improve results. He shares a wealth of knowledge with us on how to improve leadership skills, overcome common frustrations experienced by business owners, effectively handle meetings and address the problem on the addiction to technology and social media. Scott works in the thought leadership space. He’s a sought-after international speaker and a best-selling author, with 4 books under his sleeve. His most recent publication, Leadership Hacks, is what we discuss in today’s conversation.
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171. Reinv

171. Reinvention – creating a life by design

In Episode 171 of the Savvy Dentist Podcast, we have an interesting conversation with Michelle Gibbings about reinvention and creating a life by design. Michelle is the founder of Change Meridian and an expert on change leadership and career transition. She helps people reinvent themselves and upgrade their careers. Change Meridian is a boutique consulting firm who helps leaders, teams and organisations accelerate their progress in changing environments. They offer services such as consultations, workshops, training and mentoring programs.
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170. How T

170. How To Master The Art Of Listening – The Most Important Skills For Dentists

In Episode 170 of the Savvy Dentist Podcast, Oscar Trimboli, an expert on the subject of deep listening joins us to talk about how we can quiet the mind, improve our listening skills with ourselves, our team and our patients and apply these skills to our dental practice.
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169. How t

169. How to Bounce Back From a Setback

In Episode 169 of the Savvy Dentist Podcast, our topic will be resilience – what it means and how to develop it. Michael Licenblat, our guest, is an expert on this. He is the author of Pressure Proof where he explains how to perform better under pressure, change and setbacks; and how to build your natural resilience to turn tension and pressure into energy and enthusiasm.
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168. How t

168. How to Use Stories to Build and Lead Great Teams

In Episode 168 of the Savvy Dentist Podcast, Gabrielle Dolan joins us to tell us why these 2 topics are incredibly relevant for any business small or big. Gabrielle is a best-selling author and a highly sought-after keynote speaker and educator who has worked with thousands of high-profile leaders around the world and has helped countless of Australia’s top 50 ASX companies and multinationals to humanise their communications.
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167. How t

167. How to Introduce Digital Workflow Into Your Practice

In Episode 167 of the Savvy Dentist Podcast, I have a conversation with Dr Murray Orr as he shares his journey of going 100% digital in his own practice. So, if you haven’t started with digital workflows yet or if you already have this, this chat will help you take it to the next level. He shares how he started out in the industry, the common pitfalls to look out for and the importance of knowing your “why” to build a workflow that’s right for you and your practice.
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