As Australia braces for a second wave of infections, practice owners across the country need to be planning for what this means for their team, patients, and practice.

Rather than approaching a second wave with reactivity or chaos, it’s important to seek guidance and get a rock-solid plan in place.

As a practice owner, here’s how you can respond and equip your practice to weather any storm we might face.


1. Prepare sooner rather than later

We’ve all seen the news, we know a “second spike” is underway, and it’s possible that we’ll be facing closures or restrictions in the coming weeks.

If this year has taught us anything, it’s that circumstances can change at the drop of a hat and we don’t always have the luxury of a warning. So, consider yourself lucky that we have the benefit of experience and start preparing now.

Whatever the severity, whenever the announcement comes, it’s far better to have a plan than be caught high and dry.

You might choose to do exactly what you did with the first wave of closures, or you might adapt your previous strategy. We’re approaching this with a level of familiarity – so use this to your advantage.


2. Keep the lines of communication open

It’s crucial that you communicate frequently and transparently with both your team and patients about what this situation means for them.

Announce what your current operations are, what precautions you’re currently taking, and how you will contact them should anything change.

We want to reassure them that our protocols were already rigorous prior to COVID and the additional measures that were implemented due to COVID have remained in place in spite of the relaxation of restrictions we have seen. In other words, we have remained and continue to remain vigilant.

If you can, give your team a bit of extra context around what your plans are should you face more restrictions.  Will they be stood down or working from home? Is it going to be similar to the last closure or are you going to do things differently this time?

You can’t go wrong when you’re honest, available, and consistent with the people that look up to you.


3. Spot the opportunity and take it

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; now is the time to get your brand, content, and social media presence out there. If you can’t connect with your patients in-practice, make yourself present and available online.

Focus on building up authoritative, informative content that’ll position your practice with expertise and excellence. Patients are constantly researching practices and procedures to get the best service, so if you can help them in their journey early on then, you’ll likely secure them as patients later.

Also consider how you can leverage a shut-down period to your advantage. If we face another closure, use this time to work on the business rather than in the business.

Should you be forced to shut your doors – how do you want your practice to emerge? Will you update your operational systems? Offer new services and packages? What about financial assistance or payment schemes? Perhaps use this time to upskill and train your staff?

The practice you enter a closure with, doesn’t have to be the same practice you re-open with. You have been given time to think and plan – so use it wisely. Your practice is only as strong as you make it.


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