A smooth onboarding process is something we often take for granted, but can either create or save you massive headaches further down the track.

Studies show that between 33% of employees decide within the first week whether or not they will stay in the role long-term, and that an effective onboarding process can improve performance by 11%.

So, it’s crucial to get the onboarding process right for your sake and theirs! Here’s what you need to create a seamless transition for your latest hire.


Plan their first day at the practice

On their first day, you want to not only introduce them to the practice, team, and culture, but also set objectives and expectations for their time with you. Setting them up with a fellow team member for lunch can be a great opportunity for them to ask questions and get to know what the employee experience is like in greater detail.

You should also clearly outline what their roles and responsibilities are, and where they fit in relation to the rest of the team.

Who will they report to? Who will they work alongside? And how will existing projects run with the addition of a new team member? Clarifying the scope of their role from the outset will help set them up for success and eliminate any jealousy or competitiveness among employees


Map out the first 90 days

In the short term, the first day and week are important for introducing your new hire, but the goal is to transition them into the workplace and get them operational ASAP.

It’s crucial to take a strategic approach and think about their first 90 days at the practice. What do you want them to accomplish? How do you want them to feel? What does a day in their shoes look like? Get clear on your objective, and then reverse-engineer the steps necessary to make that happen.

After the first 90-days, you can move into regular performance review rhythms and consider them full onboarded.


Your onboarding checklist

To make the process easier, here’s a list of what you’ll need to make the onboarding process go as smoothly as possible.

Simply print out and go through the checklist with each new hire for stress-free onboarding:


savy dentist checklist

All the best to you and your new hire!


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