Reese Harper is the founder of Dentist Advisors and host of the Dentist Money Show. Dentist Advisors helps dentists make smart decisions with their money and achieve financial independence. 

Dentists have unique financial planning needs, like dealing with real estate and practice financing, student loans, income tax budgeting, overhead and saving for retirement. Their personal and practice finances are closely related.For over a decade, Reese has consulted with dentists to help them reach their personal and business financial goals using a scientific, data-driven decision making process he developed. 

Reese takes care of dentists’ finances so they can focus on growing collections, improving profitability and enhancing their team.

In this episode, Reese and I talk about:

  • The most common mistake dentists make when investing
  • The four buckets you need to be consciously dividing your income into
  • Good rules of thumb for looking at your financial health
  • The value of systemising your allocation of money
  • What cognitive biases stop you from always making the best financial decision
  • How your investment DNA guides your decisions
  • Why doing everything yourself often stifles wealth creation

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