“Everything is bad and economic collapse is coming!”

If you’ve been paying attention to the media, this is the message you’re probably hearing on repeat.

It’s easy to let the constant negativity and doomsday predictions get you down and make you feel like there’s no hope for you or your dental practice.

But the reality is not as bleak as they make it out to be.

Yes, there are challenges, but there are also abundant opportunities for those who know where to look…

That’s why we decided to revisit one of the most popular episodes of the Savvy Dentist Podcast:

In this episode, Jesse tackles the REAL state of things head-on and share practical strategies you can implement right now to help navigate these challenging times and come out on top.

Here’s an overview of what is covered:

  • The surprising truth about discretionary spending (hint: it’s still happening, despite what the media says)
  • How to elevate the importance of dentistry in your patients’ minds, so they view it as essential rather than optional
  • The power of giving patients 3 compelling reasons to return (and the exact language to use to make it effective)
  • Why tracking your basics is the key to keeping your appointment book full (and the specific metrics you need to measure)
  • How to reactivate patients who have fallen out of your practice before you lose them for good