The Power of Retention Book for Business


Savvy Dentist founder, Dr Jesse Green, is the author of the bestselling dental marketing book Retention! How to Plug the #1 Profit Leak in Your Dental Practice

With clients and industry experts labelling it “the Retention book”, Dr Jesse Green’s first outing as an author is influencing change in an industry where traditional business models no longer work.

Acknowledging that much has changed in the dental profession in recent years, Dr Jesse Green shows dentists why the game has changed for both graduate and practising dentists. In practical and straightforward language, Jesse reveals the principles every dentist must know to create a continuous flow of happy, loyal patients who attend appointments, pay their bills, and happily refer new patients.

Designed to help dentists and specialists take practical steps to retain their patient base, Retention! will teach you everything about dental business you weren’t taught at university.

A book that demystifies the pathway to profitable, scalable dental practice, Retention! will guide you to:

  • Excel in any economic climate
  • Build a loyal, happy core of patients
  • Apply the latest entrepreneurial thinking and tools to dental practice management




Why Do I Need Dr. Jesse Green Retention Book


Whether you run a traditional family practice or a high-end cosmetically driven practice, whether you’re in a rural or urban area, you might be feeling anxious about the tougher economic environment, frustrated about the profit leaks from your practice or exhausted from the relentless demands of your business. RETENTION! will inspire you to turn your professional and personal fortunes around by plugging the biggest profit leaks in your dental practice.

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