Success leaves clues, as we discussed in episode 16 on the 10 habits of successful business owners.

One of those clues is that successful people plan and execute their plans well.

In celebration of the new financial year here in Australia, this episode is all about how to create plans that will help you achieve your definition of success in your dental practice.

I cover three key areas of creating powerful plans, how to juggle multiple projects without getting overwhelmed and how to bring your whole team onboard and executing your plans elegantly.

“Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.” – Peter F. Drucker

In this episode we chat about

  • How to create your roadmap – including getting clear on your start and end points
  • Metrics and how they can give you direction, help you predict and forecast and stay agile
  • Ways to implement your plan daily to make sure you’re taking steps each and every day to achieve your goals
  • You’ll get insight into the project management system I use to prioritise and execute multiple projects
  • Discover what the difference between critical or key driver and KPIs are – and why the former is the one you should focus on
  • Action steps to take into your practice to start creating powerful plans geared toward success