When my team gathers for our huddle each morning, I’ll go around the circle (or Zoom screen) and ask each and every team member this one question.

What do you need from me?”

These six little words have been a game changer for our team, our productivity, and communication.

All too often, we focus on downward communication. Don’t get me wrong – it’s crucial to communicate downward when you’re assigning tasks, updating the team, conveying information.

But how often do you give your team the opportunity to communicate back up the chain?

You might have asked them to do something, not realising they don’t have all the skills, knowledge, or tools necessary to proceed.

There might be a bottleneck you’re not aware of that’s preventing really significant projects from being completed.

And just maybe, your team need to feel that they’re working in a supportive environment that sets them up for success.

By habitually checking in with your team members, you empower them to co-create a healthy workplace culture and be proactive when they need to communicate upwards.

At the end of the day, asking “What do you need from me?” serves a dual purpose.

  1. It prioritises an efficient workflow by giving your team to make you aware of bottlenecks that might be trickling from the top down.
  2. And it also sets the ego aside and acknowledges that the role of a leader is to support their team.

So, I highly recommend just taking that extra minute or two to ask what your team need from you.

By being of service to your team, you’re doing your practice and therefore you patients a huge favour by facilitating smooth communication and productivity throughout your practice.

Let me know in the comments if this is something you’ve tried, and how it’s worked for !


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