Towards the end of the year, we tend to reflect on all we’ve achieved thus far and start setting goals and plans for the year ahead.

To create stronger, more profitable businesses, we must become better leaders that lead stronger teams. To do this, our personal growth should be built on three bedrocks of transformation:

  • Transformational leadership
  • Transformational teams
  • Building a transformational plan for the future

By following these three principles and making small changes in each area, you’ll find it adds up to massive, transformational growth across the entire practice.


1. Become a transformational leader

Business literature often discusses the difference between a leader and a manager. At the end of the day, a leader is transformational and empowering in a way that managers are not.

A leader is someone that champions growth and change, constantly seeks learning and improvement, and asks “is there a better way to do this?”

Leaders are transformational, managers are transactional.

That’s not to say that managers are unnecessary or less important – they play a crucial role in the maintenance and operation of a business. But if you’re striving to be a leader, make sure you differentiate your function and purpose from that of a manager.


2. Building a transformational team.

As the leader of your practice, you need to be able to articulate and communicate your vision to the people on your team. After all, if the vision exists only in your head, how can you expect others to see what you see?

It’s wise to spend a bit of time in every monthly/quarterly/annual planning talking about your vision as a practice.

Is everyone clear on the big-picture goals you’re working towards? Do your practice culture and values create the right environment to achieve your vision? What assets or resources does your team need to be equipped to work towards your vision?

Opening up this dialogue with your team will engage them in your shared goal, and empower them to see it as a transformation they can help achieve.


3. Build a transformational plan for the future.

Your vision shows you where to go, and your plan will tell you how to get there. Once you have that roadmap in place, all there’s left to do is follow it.

When you’re setting your goals for the year ahead, don’t set your sights too small. Whilst it’s always good to be realistic, you’re capable of far more than you realise. It’s far better to set extraordinary goals and come close, than it is to set mediocre goals and become slack afterwards.

So, ask yourself what you truly want your practice to look like in a year’s time. What areas have you improved? What do your numbers look like? What will you have accomplished?

Once you have the answers, you can begin to break down these goals into smaller, achievable goals. Small actions taken daily are what accumulate to truly transformational success – not just taking one big action.

Your ability to maintain consistent action, discipline, and keeping your vision top of mind is ultimately what’s going to transform your growth over the next year.

As this year draws to a close, how do you picture yourself or your business creating excellence next year?


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