Mums hold the money.

In fact, they’re responsible for more than 80% of consumer spending.

Katrina McCarter, author of Marketing to Mums, shared this information with us recently. Katrina is a trailblazer and expert strategist in the field of selling to mums, Australia’s most powerful consumer.

Katrina told us that mums are responsible for $132 billion in spending in Australia every year and that if they were an industry they would be the biggest contributor to GDP.

Katrina also told us:

“30% of Australian mums are checking their social media accounts more than 10 times every single day. And Facebook is without question her number one favourite account”

So I thought you might like to know how to use Facebook to market to mums.

Treat Them As Individuals.

Almost two-thirds of Australian mums believe that advertisers don’t understand them at all, which is hardly surprising when you consider the number of different types of mothers there are out there.

There are mums who are freelancers, mums who stay at home and mums who go to work. There are mums with newborns, mums who are step-parents and mums with multi-cultural families.

The key point is that they’re all different. In fact, a study by Saatchi & Saachi found:

“ …at least 66 distinct categories that mums use to define themselves, of which most relate to around six at a time – far more than the half a dozen ‘types’ most marketers use to try and understand this mass audience.”

These different groups can’t all be lumped together, you must treat them as individuals.

Demonstrate Social Proof

Katrina revealed that mums love testimonials. They don’t need referrals from friends, but they love testimonials.

So, promote your third party endorsements including awards, testimonials, ratings and reviews. On Facebook, encourage clients to write reviews for your business.

(Remember to adhere to AHPRA guidelines.)

Share Your Story

Mums love a story so demonstrate why you’re passionate about what you do. Create a brand story about your business.

Everyone has a story, and every great business has a mission statement that captures the hearts and imaginations of their audience.

Here are a few examples.

This infographic was created by Unum UK. Unum provides employee benefits that protect businesses and their staff.

You can use your mission statement in your shareable images on Facebook, and in the About section of your page.

Develop Relationships

Here’s the challenge. Mums are super busy, but they prefer to do business with people, instead of brands.

So you need to build a relationship with them. Facebook is the perfect platform for this because you create posts that engage people very simply and easily.

Think about shareable images that highlight their pain points, or short videos that solve a problem.

Promote The Solution

Focus on providing a solution, rather than talking about your product or service. Share how mums will feel or how they’ll benefit from using your service.

Also, promote your unique selling proposition (USP) – what makes you different? Mums love businesses that are unique and stand out in some way.

Every business has a unique selling proposal. If you need a little inspiration to develop one for your business, there are some great examples on Wikipedia.

Again, you can include your USP in the About section of your Facebook, and you can use it in the content you share.

Thank Your Mum

Mums love to be appreciated. Think about how much they do every day for other people, and how little they’re thanked.

If you thank them for their business, you’ll really stand out. They’ll appreciate the fact that you cared enough to thank them.

Think about using a handwritten card, a follow-up phone call or some other method to show you care about her and her contribution to your business. Facebook makes this easy as you can send a quick personal message using messenger.

Market to Mums

Marketing to mums is a little bit tricky, but they’re the key decision-makers in many household expenses. More importantly, they seem to make the health care decisions for the whole family so it’s worthwhile investing the time and energy to attract them.

If you want a few quick wins for marketing to mums, Katrina has a great cheat sheet on her website. You can grab her 20 Quick Wins for Marketing to Mums.

And if you’d like an example of a great video advert that appeals to mums, here’s a real corker. It treats them as individuals, promotes the solution and develops a relationship with them, too.

Plus, it’s funny. You can’t get better than that!