In this episode, I speak with Valerie Khoo about the role of storytelling in business marketing.

Valerie is the founder and CEO of the Australian Writers’ Centre, and author of Power Stories – 8 Stories You MUST Tell to Build an Epic Business. She also hosts two podcasts and is a keynote speaker. In this episode, you’ll hear what makes a great story, how to get into the minds of your readers, and much more.

What we chat about

  • The importance of presenting data in a meaningful way
  • Valerie’s simple storytelling formula
  • Mode of delivery and how it affects the way you tell a story
  • Common storytelling pitfalls
  • Authenticity and storytelling
  • The difference between sharing what’s personal and sharing your personality
  • How to think about delivering your stories on different platforms
  • Valerie’s three tips for storytelling in business

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