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In Episode 179 of the Savvy Dentist Podcast, Jason Cunningham the founding partner of The Practice, is also an author, a well-sought keynote speaker and media commentator. He helps business owners articulate and achieve their business goals.

Jason is going to share with us a wealth of knowledge on being a good leader, preparing your business for selling success and the importance of creating space for yourself. He gives us real-life examples and manageable tips that we can surely apply to our practice or business today.


In this episode we discuss:

  • 01:03: Updates on Jason’s business
  • 03:42: Attracting and retaining key talent in the business
  • 05:27: The impact of things that may come up when preparing to sell your business.
  • 14:31: First step into transitioning from working for to working on your business: Plan.
  • 24:45: Instances where people come unstuck in the transition.
  • 26:58: The notions of being an absentee owner when transitioning to becoming a business leader.
  • 30:00: 4 roles of a good leader.
  • 33:21: The importance of creating space for yourself.
  • 35:06: Observations and realizations on life changes and transitions.
  • 40:19 Pearls of wisdom from Jason


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