In Episode 181 of the Savvy Dentist Podcast, I am thrilled to bring to you Brent Tilson, author, entrepreneur, industry leader and civic advocate to talk more about his interesting and note-worthy book called Go Slow to Grow Fast, which has won book of the year. I highly recommend that you get a copy of this because it is an absolutely fantastic read.

In his book, he brings to life the classic challenge that all business leaders face – the conflict of growth and business capability. To Go Slow is the ultimate goal in order to understand the current capability of the business. Following this, the business needs to prepare for the future by undergoing changes, adjustments and improvements to Grow Fast.

In this episode we discuss:

  • 01:55: Problems Brent has observed in the marketplace that prompted him to write his book.
  • 05:10: Identifying if you are in the Driving Zone or Drama Zone through the things you are experiencing.
  • 07:27: Common things that go wrong when you are in the Drama Zone.
  • 11:03: Steps to moving into the Driving Zone from the Drama Zone.
  • 14:06: The difference between growth and scale.
  • 16:22: The problem with growing so fast.
  • 18:47: How to go slow with your business.
  • 25:45: The impact of employee turnover in the organization and how it can be eliminated.
  • 29:33: Dentist’s issues around accounting in business.
  • 32:32: Thoughts and advice on how to Go Slow to Grow Fast.

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